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Freedom Dog 30 oz

Freedom Dog 30 oz

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Nothing screams patriotism more than a Big A** double-wall stainless steel tumbler with an iconic dog and the words Loyalty, Bravery, Freedom plastered on it. While your cohorts are sipping their favorite bev from a paper cup with a cardboard sleeve, or a wax paper cup and a lid that won’t stay on securely because the foreign-made cup is crumpling under a couple of ounces of firm pressure, you are the big dog [USA-USA-USA…].

At home, on the road, out in the field, camping, or if you can sneak it into the stadium (kudos to you if you can get this one through), this tumbler will keep what’s supposed to be hot – hot and what’s supposed to be cold – cold.

  • BIG 30oz capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated
  • Clear plastic top seals with a tight friction fit
  • UV printing process ensures a crisply printed design with an impressive, raised tactile effect
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